I have the honor of writing this issue of the newsletter again. I have prayed and asked God to show me what to say, and I hope that I have found the right words. On April 9th of this year, I spoke at length on the Den about God’s promise to my father of entering a time of unprecedented favor, and the events surrounding the past 8 months. I encourage you to go to the archives in the House of Destiny and watch that broadcast.

In the week following my father’s first brain bleed, I went into his garden to pray. I was sitting on his bench and noticed what appeared to be a box of ammunition. I found this strange, but continued to pray, trying to ignore it. Eventually, however, I couldn’t resist the urge to open it and see what was inside. When I opened it, I found my father’s Bibles and notebooks, and his beautiful leather journal. I had seen it before, as he carried it with him often and had shown it to me many times.

I took out the journal and opened it up. I felt guilty for opening his journal, but my mother had told me that my dad said to her that if anything ever happened to him, to go and get his journals. So I began to read, and I noticed that what was written on the first few pages was not my father’s handwriting. It was a prophecy that Graham Cooke had given him on February 23rd of 2013. As I read through it, I knew that this was a promise from God to my Dad, one that I needed to hold on to. At the top of the first page, before Graham’s prophecy begins, my Dad wrote at the top of the page, "Final Journey – 2014-2050".

I continued to read through the journal and realized that this was my father’s prayer journal and he had written down the promises that God had given him concerning his life, ministry, and family. I have read from this journal frequently over the past 8 months, and it has continued to renew my faith, as my father has gone through this unbelievable fight for his life. Many of you who have watched the Den will know that I have shared from this journal a few times on the broadcasts.

One promise in particular that I have held onto was from a page in his journal where he wrote about he and my mother, and how they would grow old together, surrounded by their children and grandchildren. At the bottom of the page, he wrote a date: November 25th, 2050. As we have ploughed through with my Dad over these difficult months, I have continued to speak out this promised date, because I believe that this is the date that God will take him to heaven, and NOT BEFORE.

My Dad suffered another bleed on his brain on Thanksgiving of last year, which he had warned us about a few days before. We had just finished a speech therapy session, and he was still able to speak very well, only stumbling on a word here and there. He had improved so much, and at the time, we thought he had suffered a brain hemorrhage due to high blood pressure. Unaware that he had a brain tumor, which was causing the hemorrhaging, we were not expecting a recurrence. He told my mother and I that he had experienced a moment where the Holy Spirit had washed over him. He was emotional and told us that something was going to happen on the 26th, but would not elaborate and only turned his head with tears streaming down his face. We thought he was emotional because the Lord had spoken to him and comforted and encouraged him. On the morning of the 26th, he suffered the second brain bleed. This one left him unable to speak at all. So, I went back to his garden with his journal and proclaimed the promises of God over him, particularly the time of unprecedented favor that Graham Cooke had written to him and the date November 25th, 2050. God had told my Dad, through Graham Cooke, that he had entered a time of his greatest ever favor, unprecedented favor, and that God had saved the best for last for him.

Now, one thing that my father has always said, and that I have witnessed time and time again, is that when God gives you a promise, there will always be resistance, and you have to hold on to the promise and fight for it.

When I spoke at the Den on April 9th, I spoke at length about this prophecy and the events surrounding my father’s first brain bleed. I had found that Graham had delivered this prophecy, the promise of unprecedented favor, to my Dad on February 23rd, 2013. My Dad wrote about this prophecy in his journal on February 23rd of 2015, and a year later, on February 23rd of 2016, the brain tumor was removed. I see this as a sign and promise that my father WILL recover, and that this is the resistance - the greatest battle ever for all of us. But the end result will be just as great - a time of unprecedented favor for my father, his ministry and team, and even for America and the world. We look around now, in our present circumstances, and everything seems to be pointing to the contrary, but God is going to show up and show off, because the greater the struggle, the greater the reward, the Prophet’s reward!

Graham recently appeared at the Den with Dena McClure for a conversation about the prophetic, and he said a few things that really registered with me. One of the things he said was, "Most people challenge their prophecy with their circumstances, rather than using the prophecy to challenge their circumstances". This mirrors what my father always says about prophecy. We are given a promise to use as a weapon against the expected resistance, or enemy, before entering the next and higher phase of our calling or destiny. It is not easy to go from the brook of provision to the mountain of abundance.

On the April 9th broadcast, I played a few clips of my Dad talking about the Word he received through Graham Cooke, and he goes into detail about his feelings regarding this prophecy. He specifically talked about expecting there to be trouble after getting such a huge promise from God and praying for preservation and protection because he expected that God would use this resistance to shift him. He also spoke about the fact that after you receive a Word from God, when things begin to appear that they are moving in the opposite direction than what God has promised, it doesn't mean that the prophecy is false. There will be an (expected) battle for that promise. We can’t just sit back and wait for things to happen for us. We are responsible to fight for what God has shown us.

My dad also specifically took the time to sow into Graham's ministry immediately after receiving that prophecy and promise. He recognized that he was responsible to give into the source that God had used to deliver the promise to him. I believe that my father was prepared, and did exactly what he was supposed to do, to get him to the next level that God had prepared for him. He knew he was supposed to pray for protection, which saved his life over and over again over the past 8 months. When he should have died, and the spirit of death was hovering over him, his prayer of preservation and protection saved his life. But also, the seed that he sowed into the prophetic ministry that delivered the promise to him laid a foundation for the next level and will sustain him as he moves to the mountain of abundance.

It has been heart wrenchingly difficult to see my father endure what he has endured. To be unable to speak to us has been the most difficult, and I weep over it almost daily. I miss my father's voice, which has been there since I was in my mother's womb, consistently throughout my 36 years on this earth. I am determined to help him in whatever way I can and I feel that this is the most important part I have to play in helping my father. The other day, I walked into his room and he looked up at me and said, "hi". I almost burst with joy and wrapped my arms around him. Slowly the words are coming back as he recovers more and more, and as we begin speech therapy again, I know that he will be speaking to us more in the coming months.

Another thing that Graham said when he came to the Den was, "God doesn't speak to our heads. He lives and speaks in our hearts, and that rises up into our conscious minds and changes us." When he said this, I realized that God is filling my father with HIS word in this time of silence. I know that my father will speak again, walk again, and play the piano again. I know this because that is what God showed me on September 7th, 2015 in the hospital, the night this all began.

I recently read a quote online, I don’t know who said it, but it really registered to me and spoke to my heart about my Dad. The quote is, "The quieter you become, the more you can hear." It makes me think of my Dad right now. He is temporarily silenced so that God can speak to him in a way He never has before, and I am excited, encouraged, and ready to see what God is about to do.

I want to say thank you so much, as you continue to pray and sow into the ministry and the prophetic. Your prayers and obedience have carried us through, and you have taken this journey with us. It is not over, but we see the light in the distance, the light in the darkness. I know that God will use my father to pierce the darkness, as he promised him more than 20 years ago. But God is also using you to do that, and I hope that you can be encouraged to hold on to the promises that God has given you.

Would you take a moment now and ask God how you can sow into these promises today, and especially the promise of unprecedented favor in your life? Regardless of your present circumstances, I pray you can find the light and walk toward it. The reward is greater than you can imagine, and God is watching over you and all of us.

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