Kim Clement Center is Kim Clements’ non-profit organization that focuses on a global mandate to impact the world with Christ’s message of hope. Using music and modern technology to cross cultural barriers, they are able to reach every continent.

In 1979, Kim Clement was ordained by Christian Bible Training Center, Durban, South Africa, where he was crucial in pioneering one of the first multi-racial, cross-generational churches in South Africa. He has vast experience in dealing with the many challenges within the church, and society in general. Through evangelistic crusades, prayer gatherings and clinics, Kim Clement uses conventional (and non-conventional) methods to reach out to young and old alike. Through the means of preaching, music, media and technology, Kim Clement Center presents a life-changing message that brings hope and inspires millions.

The mission is to reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable through a message of hope, enrichment and the healing of haunting memories. Our call is to deliver this relevant message to the outcast, the rejected, dignitaries, religious leaders around the world, corporate chiefs and blue collar workers - young and old alike - regardless of social stature. Many who seek this message are in despair, and often this message is their last hope.

The message of hope, in its musical form, combines many genres of music. Whether it’s classical, folk, blues or jazz, the delivery of the message through music allows non-traditional followers to hear that there is One who loves them and cares for them. This alternative form of evangelism is rooted in the love and grace that Jesus Christ offered over 2000 years ago.


I believe the only way for a person to be saved is through the name of Jesus and by confession that He is Lord. The only way to the Father is by accepting the sacrifice that His Son made by shedding his blood.

"The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart" (that is, the word of faith which we preach): 9 that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 11 For the Scripture says, "Whoever believes on Him will not be put to shame." Romans 10:8-11 “For whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved." Romans 10:13

John 3:3- When Nicodemus approached Jesus and commented on how he recognized God was with Him, His great miracles, and for being a great Teacher, Jesus responded by telling him that he must be born again to “SEE” the Kingdom of God. The next step is to "enter" what is seen. Jesus did not say that “you must be born again” to be saved or to escape from judgment. In fact, in the New Testament you will not find examples of Christ or His disciples instructing and warning the crowds to get "born again" in order to be saved. From what scripture reveals, it is possible that Jesus did not even use this same terminology again when teaching about the Kingdom of God.

So was this man Nicodemus, who was recognized by Christ as a teacher of Israel, in danger of eternal punishment? That's not what this was about. Those that have opposed my stand have done so because I teach that Nicodemus was already saved from hell before meeting Christ. What happened to all of the other righteous men and prophets who had already lived and died under the law, before Christ came? God had already provided a salvation from hell for all of the righteous dead. This is no new concept. Jesus called this place "Abraham's bosom" when teaching His disciples from the parable of Lazarus and the Rich man. So Nicodemus was already saved from this danger and the topic of eternal judgment was not being addressed. Obviously, Jesus had not yet even died on the cross, so He was not offering the specific experience of rebirth as a means of salvation from hell. Of course, after Jesus had sacrificed His life, the only means for salvation was through Him. A problem arises when people reduce the "Eternal Life" and salvation that Christ gave us to nothing more than just an escape from punishment, or a guarantee to make the rapture. In actuality, it is much greater: He came to restore ALL that was lost by Adam in the Garden. "Eternal Life" defined in Christ’s own words:

"And this is eternal life, that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent." John 17:3

His sacrifice was to restore Divine communion between man and God.


Matthew 16:27, 28 "For the Son of Man will come in the glory of His Father with His angels and then He will reward each according to His works. Assuredly, I say to you, there are some standing here who shall not taste death till they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom."

I believe that Jesus Christ is coming again. If we read the scriptures about His Second Coming, we understand that it is an event of which we should not be debating about. It is clearly an event that will usher in the end of the ages, and bring about New Earth and Heavens. This is exciting, but irrelevant to the people of the world, who simply need salvation and restoration in their lives. Jesus would not tell when He was to return, but He DID SAY that we were to "occupy" till He returns.

Occupy means to "take occupation", or possess. The reason that Bill Gates is so wealthy is because while he was void of any theology and eschatology, he perceived the potential in present technology, and pursued it. The Church, at the time, had no desire to "touch" this potential evil, and was occupied with measuring the lengths of skirts and hair, preaching about an impending antichrist system with the goal of destroying mankind. Today, most of these same preachers are using the computer and purchasing Windows through Microsoft, which is owned by Bill Gates.

We could have had a share in this wealth, had the revelation of "occupation" been taught by the church leaders. It costs a lot of money to reach the lost, and, instead of preachers begging people for money by the disgusting power of manipulation and fear, they should be reaching Nations through a secular media, which (by the way) to many was also an "evil to come," but is now used regularly by preachers endeavoring to reach the lost through the means of "Christian Television." Money should be no problem, but because our value system is based on our "religious views," instead of plain common sense, we are poor and begging.

Personally, I am more interested in "His appearances" than His Second Coming. Let’s discuss His "coming in the Kingdom." In verse 28 of Matthew 16, Jesus said "there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of man coming in His kingdom." This came to pass six days later in Matthew 17:1 when Jesus appeared to them in His Kingdom, as He predicted, in a cloud from the Mount of Transfiguration. This appearance is described in Luke as follows: "... The appearance of His face changed".

I believe that when we pray for "His Kingdom to come" (appear), as Jesus instructed us to, He does appear in His Kingdom. After all, why would we pray for the Kingdom to come (in our life), and then not expect the King to appear as well?

Simply put, I believe that the Second Coming of Jesus is a specific event ordered to happen only once. However, I believe that the "appearance" of Jesus happens in every age, and in every Generation through divine visitations. Most people do not recognize Him when He reveals himself because His form [face] is different than what we are acquainted with. When I say "form" or "face", I mean that He reveals himself differently in each visitation. This is NOT to say that Jesus changes. His Character, attributes, and His Word never change, but His appearance does. This is scriptural. When He walked on the water in the storm, the disciples did not recognize Him. This could be because of their fear, etc. However, after the resurrection, Mary did not recognize Him after spending years with Him. On the road to Emmaus, the two disciples did not recognize Him, and, when He was on the seashore, the apostles were fishing and did not recognize Him.

Therefore, I believe that the Kingdom of God is frequently present as Jesus appears in His glory to the Church. Please remember that the Kingdom of God is not a geographic location. The Kingdom of God means the rule, the dominion, and the reign of God. Wherever Jesus is exalted, His kingdom (dominion) is present. He is the sovereign Lord, after all, and will not be dictated to by religious leaders who worship their beliefs rather than the Lord. As Oswald Chambers once said, "We don’t believe God, we only believe our beliefs in God."

I have a tremendous burden for this generation and would like them to experience what I experienced in 1974, while I was lying in a street, a drug addict bleeding to death. I called upon the name of Jesus and was wonderfully converted.

Focusing on the rapture has caused many to lose their burden for the lost. This escapism mentality has caused lethargy in the church because they are waiting to be caught away from the claws of the Anti-Christ. However, if Jesus is Lord and taught us to seek "first" the Kingdom of God, then why should we focus our attention on the removal of the righteous who carries the Kingdom within them? (Luke 17:21) Many Bible prophecy teachers prefer to incite fear and anxiety in the people by focusing the attention on the evil present in this world, and hardly ever focusing their attention on the present greatness of God.

I do believe that we will meet Him in the air, but I am more excited about winning a generation to God, and then meeting Him in the air with them.


Jesus said, "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness." When Jesus taught the disciples to pray, He did not tell them to pray for the King to come, He told them to pray for the Kingdom to come. When Jesus sent the seventy out, He told them to heal the sick, to cast out devils, and then to announce, "the Kingdom of God is near you." When He was approached by the Pharisees and asked, "When the kingdom of God would come," Jesus replied and said, "The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, 'See here!' or 'See there!' For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:20-21) These are the words of Jesus Christ.

Bible prophecy teachers have exaggerated the strength and power of the beast and the Anti-Christ, instead of teaching Christ’s greatness, and ultimate victory over the enemy. This is displayed throughout scripture, and reveals the consistency of God’s Character. He has always wrought victory over His enemies through HIS PEOPLE: Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Samson, Jonah, Gideon, Ruth, etc. I also believe that the book of Revelation could not possibly have been written for this final generation only. For us to believe that the book of Revelation was written for one generation is ludicrous. We cannot ignore the types and shadows throughout the Bible, and what has possibly already been fulfilled throughout history. After all, they call Him the Lamb of God on the throne. We know that this is not a literal little lamb sitting on a throne. He has also been called a lion, so it is important to interpret these things with correct theological application. There are terrible things happening on the earth, but terrible things have been happening throughout history. There are also wonderful things happening on the earth, performed by God in order to reach the world that Jesus died for.

We cannot continue to focus simply on having ‘revivals’ in the church, while the rest of the world goes to hell. ‘Revivals’ in the church are great, but if they do not produce a demonstration of the Kingdom of God outside the four walls of the church, they are pointless. The world will not come to the church to get saved. The Church must go to the world, just as the light must penetrate the darkness. Jesus Christ never invited anyone to the temple to come and hear Him; He was usually thrown out of the temple. He touched people outside and in the market places. Teaching eschatology does not fulfill any of God’s present desires, for His greatest desire is to reach the lost. These "last day" teachings simply tickle the people’s ears, and fill the wallets of teachers as they burden the people with certain events that are sure to happen, but they can never put a date, time or place on these events. Why not rather preach the purpose of God instead of the tribulations to come? If we discover our purpose in life, we become effective servants who are able to reach out to a dying world.

Instead of standing in our pulpits with moral measuring rods screaming curses at this sinful world, we should be building altars in the presence of unholy people, and offering Him praise. We should be offering Life and Living Water to an adulterous woman, instead of gazing at her with lustful eyes, and then stoning her later. We should be filling fishermen’s nets with fish, and then presenting the truth to them, instead of shouting about the potential evils of their "great catch." When met by "demoniacs" and lunatics at the entrance of a city we should be hailed by politicians on red carpets. We should be commissioning new converts as the missionaries to the same regions where they were delivered, instead of indoctrinating them with irrelevant patterns and forms of religion, and then sending them to the "mission field." We should be expelled from the religious centers and temples, for identifying the true enemies, (Luke 4:16-29), instead of being exalted as celebrities because of our "cliché preaching".

It is time to follow Jesus, not only as we see Him in history, but also as He is presently revealing Himself. Where is He moving today? What is He saying? Where does He want us to go and what does He want us to pray about? He may lead us to some unusual places, but we must go.


  • To reach human beings with the message of Christ
  • To teach the Body of Christ the various means of communication from God and how to decipher it.
  • To reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable through a message of hope and personal destiny.
  • To educate human beings who are reaching out to God, and seeking to improve their spiritual lives; We believe that the simple message of the Gospel, and the truths that Christ taught, are adequate for people to raise their standard of living and thinking and encounter a life-changing experience with God.
  • To reeducate those who have had a spiritual experience but have wandered into the religious doctrine of exclusivity, thereby making them spiritually redundant and a menace to society. (2 Peter 2:18)
  • We believe that as followers of Christ, we must set expectations in every area of delivering the message of hope; In producing media based content we produce this message in a high graphics and high definition quality, that reaches those typically not served by the Christian community at large
  • Technology allows us to deliver this message, night or day, allowing those non-traditional seekers to find the message of hope during their time of despair. Through regular Internet meetings held weekly, we also connect with these communities. The "Commission" that Christ gave us allows us to go to any city in the world. These meetings are streamed online for everyone to see, to maximize delivery of our mandate.
  • We have seen that through music, media and technology, Kim Clement Center can reach the unreachable, touch the untouchable and give hope to those that despair; eventually fulfilling this mandate.

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