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Every broadcast is a prophetic experience, a chance to connect in the moment with God, and experience His love, healing, and magnificent attributes. Kim translates God’s message of hope through powerful teaching and music, allowing non-traditional followers to hear that there is One who loves them and cares for them. This alternative form of evangelism is rooted in the love and grace that Jesus Christ offered over 2000 years ago.

The Den
This is Kim's weekly gathering with prophetic music, teaching, Codebreakers and special guests. LIVE every Saturday at 12:00 PM Pacific.

Prophetic Worksop
Have you ever been confused by a prophecy? Why is prophecy like a bunch of puzzle pieces that are waiting to be put together in order to form a perfect picture? Why is there a contradiction to what you thought the prophecy fulfillment would look like? How do you solve the mystery of your prophecy? Join Kim and the Codebreakers team every Wednesday at 3PM Pacific at the Prophetic Workshop to help you better understand prophecy and the prophetic gift in your life.

Prophetic Alert
When Kim feels the urgency to release a specific prophetic declaration to the world, or when news breaks that is a fulfillment of a prophetic word spoken in advance, an unplanned Prophetic Alert broadcast is quickly scheduled so that you can hear what God is saying now.


To many, Kim is known as the "singing prophet." If you've ever attended a live gathering, you know that music is a major part of the message that Kim brings to his audiences, and at times, music is the message. From the strike of the first note, the journey begins. Those that listen with their heart know it’s not just praise and worship; it’s prophecy, designed by inspired musical expressions. "God is speaking and we translate the sound through the music", says Kim. There are times when Kim never leaves the piano, and yet, in the music the message is complete.

Another distinct characteristic of this prophetic musical genre is the spontaneity of this creative emergence, as much of Kim’s musical performance is completely unrehearsed and unplanned.

Kim has created a new genre of "prophetic" music. The unbidden nature of his musical presentation ignites an emergence of creativity that is undeniable to all who witness it.

"Not knowing where we are going always leaves an unsettled feeling, but it drives us to find the ‘song of the Lord’ every single time we gather. It’s the most exciting thing to have to rely on the creativity of the Spirit during each performance. Together, we wait to discover ‘the mood of the Spirit throughout the gathering, and in these special moments, every note played is prophetic." (Kim Clement)

The question is often raised as to how it is possible for Kim and his team to create such beautiful music without rehearsing. Kim and the musicians who accompany him connect with a divine source that links them together. The result is a spontaneous and simultaneous expression of worship that is the pioneer for a new sound.

"With great anticipation in the word of the Lord, we never lack chemistry in our music. We believe that every person on the team is a minister, including the sound engineer, and plays a major role in releasing ‘the sound’. Therefore, our hearts must be united in one purpose, which is to hear the word of the Lord for the people, and release it." (Kim Clement)

True worship requires an element of faith, and is equally essential in this unpredictable style of expression.

"Worship is not the way you play an instrument or sing, or even what you sing, it's the way you touch God. The shouts of warriors antagonize the powers of hell, while we minister to the Lord with our simple melodies and passionate praises. From prophetic gestures, shouting, and singing, to getting on our knees in amazing moments of sweet communion with the Lord, we only want to feel the heartbeat of God." (Kim Clement)

Using the sword and the harp, King David demonstrated his Kingship, and defeated his enemies. However, it wasn’t the harp, lyre, or sword that made him a great King, it was his heart. Whether you are a lover, a warrior, or a King, God loves to hear from you in your own personal expression, and these corporate prophetic gatherings can be a special place for you to have a unique encounter with God.

"How can we tell the world, without saying a word? I believe, that in the midst of us, there is a sound that will touch the untouchable and reach the unreachable." (Kim Clement)


A prophet is simply a voice, an echo from the future. The message that a prophet conveys is called prophecy. He catches glimpses of God's plans and intentions, but does not necessarily understand everything that he "sees." (2 Peter 1:10-12)

Prophets do not always know the time when something will happen, but certainly look to the signs pointing towards its appearance. For instance, Isaiah prophesied about the Christ, but it was John the Baptist who would recognize the figure and proclaim that this was in fact the "Lamb of God," whom the previous prophets had prophesied about. In addition to writing and speaking messages from God, prophets often acted out prophetic parables. For example, Jeremiah buys a clay jar and smashes it in the Valley of Ben Hinnom in front of elders and priests to illustrate that God will smash the kingdom of Judah beyond repair. In a similar way, the prophet Isaiah had to walk stripped and barefoot for three years to illustrate the coming captivity, and the prophet Ezekiel had to lie on his side for 390 days and eat measured and disgusting food to illustrate the coming siege. Prophets were often the target of persecution and opposition.

A modern day prophet is gifted mainly to equip others with perception and to hear the "secrets" of God and reveal them to humankind by whatever means possible. He is hated for understanding the future and revealing it in the present. A prophet is not a prognosticator, but rather one inspired by God through the Holy Spirit to deliver a message for a specific purpose, often associated with predicting future events. The purpose of the prophet is always to turn people to the Lord God.

Finally, a prophet is simply a humble being that was selected by God to make known His heart to the people and cause them to change their ways in order that He may come and bless them, their families and their nation.



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