Matt Yong Clement


Update: 9/23/2013

Matt Yong is almost home. We have Travel Approval from China which is the last document we need to finalize the adoption. His official adoption date is scheduled for September 4th 2013. This is when He Min Yong will become Matthew Yong Clement. The third son of Kim and Jane Clement.




Kim and Jane Meet Yong


Yong is Coming Home!

Late last year, we learned about a very special little boy named Yong with a rare facial mass who was orphaned in Guizhou.  His orphanage had tried to get him help at several hospitals in China, but they were told the surgery was just too complex.  His orphanage director contacted LWB to see if we could possibly help him, and through the kindness and compassion of people all over the world, the funding needed for him to have surgery in Los Angeles was  raised.  Shortly afterwards, however, we learned that Yong would be unable to come to the U.S.

In April, I met Yong and his wonderful foster family in Guizhou.  They told me that his tumor was growing so rapidly that he was losing his ability to eat solid foods.  He was losing weight, and they were concerned that he wouldn’t be strong enough for an operation.  We immediately sent a very specialized formula to him, and the next day I was able to meet with provincial leaders to discuss his case.  I was extremely grateful that they agreed that adoption was his very best option for getting the healthcare he required, and they promised to file all of his paperwork immediately.

I am overjoyed to let you know that Yong has an adoptive family traveling soon to bring him home.  They have given their permission to let everyone know that he will soon be Kim and Jane Clement’s beloved son.  The Clements have partnered with us through their ministry to heal so many children in China, and I am just so thankful that they will soon be able to provide Yong with all of the medical care he will need.

I have to admit that when we first learned that Yong would be unable to come to the U.S. for surgery, I was of course heartbroken.  I couldn’t understand why that would happen when everything had come together for his healing.  People around the world had taken Yong into their hearts and given so generously to help him.  But now…when I stand back and look at everything that has since transpired, I only see the greatest of blessings.  If we had not been asked to help Yong, then his adoption paperwork would not have been filed.  And even though we refunded a lot of donations when the surgery couldn’t take place, most people told us to use their donations to heal other urgent children on our waiting list.  Because of this one boy, many other children received their life changing operations.  And now, this beautiful child has a FAMILY moving heaven and earth to get him home in the next month.  Ironically, he will be operated on by the exact team who was originally going to help him.  Over 20 specialists at LA Children’s Hospital will come together to make sure Yong gets the best medical care possible.

I know that everyone who has followed his story will celebrate with me that Yong is coming home.   Thank you again for believing his life is so priceless and important.  LWB has the most incredible supporters.  You change lives every day!

~Amy Eldridge, Chief Executive Officer

Update on Yong:

Last week all of the government offices in China began working again after Chinese New Year, and we had been hoping Yong’s passport would be issued. However, we were told that there is a brand new national policy that before any orphaned child can leave the country for medical treatment, they have to be seen by a hospital in Beijing. Yong’s foster father will be taking him to Beijing this week for this consultation, and we are hoping all of the final paperwork can then be approved. Please keep Yong in your thoughts as well as the doctors who will be making this very important decision for him.

Update on Yong

Posted on March 16, 2013 by jane

I wanted to give everyone an update on Yong’s (Bryant’s) journey. As mentioned on the Den broadcast last Saturday, we have run into a major issue that is preventing his travel to the USA for his critical surgery. This was so very disappointing in that we had all the arrangements in place both in China and here in the USA. Since then I and the doctors at Children’s Hospital LA together with the organization – Love Without Boundaries  – have worked tirelessly to find an alternative solution that will give Yong the chance to have the best surgeon and care available.

Our back-up arrangement was set in motion, which would entail Dr. Urata and his team from Children’s Hospital LA to travel to China to perform the surgery at one of their hospitals. We were very hopeful that this option would be acceptable. Once again, we have run into an issue – the Chinese Ministry Of Health has assigned Yong’s case to a military hospital. The surgeon at this facility does not have the experience to perform the surgery and was initially very supportive of having Dr. Urata assist him. Unfortunately, we have just learned that it is impossible to get a temporary medical license at a military hospital, which means that Dr. Urata would not be able to perform the surgery in China. This is such a high profile case in China and we cannot advocate any actions that may be considered illegal or not approved in any way. Even although the surgeon at the Military hospital would love Dr Urata to do the surgery.

The only other option at this stage is to use a surgeon already based and licensed in China to do the surgery. We are in contact with a surgeon who we feel has the best qualifications in China to do this surgery and has been recommended to us from the professor at Harvard. Its not Dr Urata but we feel its the only option we have under the circumstances. We have sent him home for the next week to wait for the surgery date to be set.

I want to thank all of you who continue to pray, believe and support Yong. We continue to believe that God has his hand in this and he will receive the best medical care and surgery available for the debilitating facial tumor that is threatening his little life.

Over the Week -End

Posted on March 10, 2013 by jane

Yong is still in the hospital waiting for more testing before his surgery plan is created. Our director continues to go visit him each day. She said that Yong has several other children in his hospital room, and he has been wanting to share his toys with them. He even let a little 15 month old in the bed next to him have his special panda from the zoo to make him feel better. Everyone who meets Yong comments on his sweet spirit.

March 5th, 2013
Bryant- Yong
Many of you are aware of our fundraiser and tireless efforts to help a little boy from China who has a large tumor in his face. His name is Min Yong, aka “Bryant”. We, along with the organization “Love Without Boundaries”, have raised the money to get Min Yong the surgery he so desperately needs. We have also found capable surgeons right here in Los Angeles at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, which is one of the best hospitals in the world.

Min Yong has a condition called “Congenital Infiltrating Lipomatosis of the Face”, which is a very rare syndrome defined as “a collection of non-encapsulated mature lipocytes infiltrating local tissues: resulting in cranio-facial deformities. Due to the normal psychomotor development of the children, aesthetic appearance often remains the main concern”. A Harvard professor has informed us that there are only 50 known cases of this in English literature.


Kim and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of you who participated through your gifts of love. This has now made it possible for Bryant to have this crucial surgery and give him back his life. You have given during someone else’s crisis and God watches these acts of kindness. Good things come to those who are generous and who give freely. We pray for God’s many blessings upon you this year.

This is the latest update posted by “Love without Boundaries”

Yong and his foster siblings have had fun celebrating the Chinese New Year in Guizhou. We are waiting for government officials to return to work on Monday so that his passport application can continue and the final permissions can be given for his care.

Yong’s foster family sent this cute photo of him holding his foster sister’s hand, and we knew you would love to see it as much as we did. (To read more about Yong’s story, we invite you to read Be a Part of Yong’s Story and The Power of Love: An Update on Yong.)

We have been so inspired and touched by the notes and cards we have received for Yong. We will be saving every wish and prayer for him so that we hopefully can pass them on to his adoptive family someday. Here are just a few of the notes he has received:

You are a brave and strong boy! Many prayers are with you on this journey.

Yong, you are a precious and perfect creation. You are handsome and courageous. It is a privilege to be even a small part of your amazing story. Much love to you, Yong!

I wish he were my boy! He stole my heart, and I hope that he can get his surgery soon!

You are loved. That’s all and that’s everything.

Yong IS loved. We are so very grateful to everyone who has given from their heart to get him the surgery he needs. We will hopefully have more news early next week!

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  1. carol mack says:

    On Sunday Oprah interviewed a man who wrote a book about his remote healing from a Christian healer in Brazil. Please contact Oprah who is scheduled to fly to Brazil to interview the healer before you subject this child to so much pain. The whole process took days to complete. He was healed of lukemia and was given a short time to live. He says he is in the best years of his life and he is in his 70’s.

    Please do not dismiss this out of hand until you have had an opportunity to listen to what he has to say.

  2. Cynthia C Sidwell says:

    Of all the very precious needs children I have learned about through their photo stories,
    Yong has touched my heart like no other. He must have a very special destiny to fulfill,
    and be a vessel to help provide many other children with their healing and adoptive families. It makes me realize how very blessed I am to have three healthy grown child-
    ren, 8 grandchildren and 10, soon to be 11 great-grandchildren. I have been blessed to
    have a small part in giving into Yong’s healing fund thru prophet Kim and encouraged to be
    more faithful in praying for my own loved ones.

  3. Gladys Marie says:

    Praise God!!! God Bless Little Yong & All Involved.

  4. Barbara Manning says:

    We are so very happy for Yong! This is such a precious little boy and the Clements will certainly be the most precious parents. We have been praying for him and now thanking The Lord for this wonderful opportunity for him to be healed and whole.

  5. pat and phil edwards says:

    we are thrilled about yong and the others God is so good

  6. Diana Crider says:

    I appreciate your perseverance to “push through” and see what God has in store. So many people give up on the first challenge, and yours is a true testimony to how our FAITH works in tandem with our WORKS to accomplish God’s will (James 2:14). Too many of us wait for everything to just open up, and if it doesn’t, we walk away shaking our head. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

  7. Joanie Brown says:

    OH AMY!!!! Praise GOD that THIS child NOT ONLY will have the best PARENTS on EARTH-but God has answered EVERY prayer I’ve been crying out for this little boy!!!!!! IF I didn’t have MY cancer now- I wanted to (with KIM and Jane’s HELP or my finances would NEVER be enough!) I wanted to adopt this boy myself!!!! The first order of buisness would have been to smother him with as many kisses and tickles as I could! As I prepare to get my cath-port installed next week-and LOADS of the next round of chemo started-I’ll continue to pray that the stalling tacticks of the enemy will be cancelled-and his weight is PERFECT for full recovery without complications! THANK YOU-AMY!!!- for ALL God has called you to do for everyone of these precious little ones!!! Let me know what I can do to help YOU-sweet sister-OK? Love in Christ Jesus-Joanie Brown, one of Kim’s Warriors.

  8. Lois Taritas says:

    Praise God, he is doing his greatest Love for the children of the World. red and yellow black and white they are precious in his sight. You have been called for such a time as this. WHAT A MIRICLE GOD WE SERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Praise God! I am so excited for you. What wonderful miracle from God for you. This child will be so blessed to have you as his parents. I have never seen so much love shown for children as have come from you. I know our Jesus is smiling down on you and has much more blessings in store for you and your lovely family.

    In Christ,

  10. Rita Franklin says:

    I am glad for you and for him. I would be glad to see the photos after he is healed as well.
    I know God will heal him in His merciful kindness.

  11. Kathy Dickey says:

    I am so happy for all of you that God opened this door to help Matt-Yong. God is so good. He looks like a sweet little boy. Amy Eldridge you are also an angel for taking these children under your wing and helping them to find the hope that they need so desperately. God bless all of you richly.

    • Anita Chandler says:

      I have been praying about this situation. Thank God for answered prayers. You and Jane are so wonderful; to take on all these children – you are such a blessing.

  12. n says:

    Glory , Praise and Honer be to our heavenly Father for this great life changing blessing for Yong . I pray that God will fill him with His Holy Spirit and Yong will grow up to be a great man of God who will hear the Holy Spirit as He directs Yong’s life. May he live a full, happy and long godly life full of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ and bring great joy to all those who are around him especially his Mom and Dad Kim and Jane. God bless Kim and Jane as they raise all 3 of their adopted children including Yong in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Congradulations to all of Kim and Jane’s family for the wonderful new addition to their family.

  13. Barbara Becker says:

    This child of God must have a special purpose in life. I will be praying for him and his new family and expectantly wait to see what his future hold.

  14. Cynthia Southerby says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus. Kim and Jane so proud of you and all that you are doing for special needs children. I am so thankful to be able to participate in even a small way. Your humble partner-

    Cynthia Southerby

  15. Paula Miller says:

    That’s wonderful news and it’s so thrilling to know our God executed a much better plan where more little children received the blessings they needed for their little lives. I love the last picture – his beautiful smile is quiet infectious… :-{)

  16. Lynda Severson says:

    While we were financially unable to provide support, we endeavored to pray that God would make a way for Kim and Jane to get Yong here as soon as possible. We are rejoicing for his healing and adoption!! All praise and glory belong to Him.

  17. MariaFe Headrick says:

    Glory to GOD in the highest! HE is completing the works HE had begun. GOD bless and increase you more and more….

  18. Marisca Daal says:

    Praise The Lord. Amen Amen Amen. Blessings smile!
    God bless your home and team. Blessings.

  19. Pam McClintock says:

    Am so happy that Yong is coming home!!! I have been praying for him!!

  20. Joan Almond says:

    Abba “Daddy” loves this little boy soooooo much!!!!! He has a good and hopeful future for him !!!! Kim and Jane are going to love and nuture him!!! Matt-Yong did get into many many people’s hearts including mine. He’s coming into a BIG family!!! How wonderful it will be to see the next part of the Miracle take place. Bless you for all you do for these little ones!!! You are the hands and feet and voice of Jesus on the earth. He is sooooo glad you take literally “suffer the little children to come unto me!” Jesus just loves kids which makes me love HIM even more!!! Continuing to pray…….. Sincerely Joan Almond

  21. Zulilu says:

    I praise The Lord and give Him many thanks for this case! There is a great calling on this beautiful boy and in spite of all the opposition around him, God’s purpose in his life will prevail.

  22. Natasha says:

    Praise God, this has made my day for sure!!!! Thank you Lord for continuing to watch over this family, bring him home swift & safe.

  23. Ann says:

    God is so faithful to intervene and protect His little ones.
    Thank you so much for all you do and for keeping us informed
    of what is being accomplished for the Kingdom!!!

    God Bless Kim & Jane and family and team.
    Love, Ann
    SE Kansas USA

  24. John & Kathy Collins says:

    What a heart full of Joy we have Kim for you and Jane: It’s almost like we certainly understand your feelings~~~when we first saw you presenting Yong, right from the start we felt like he was your child: We kept waiting to hear what we already knew, and then finally it was announced { every time we would see him, we would say” he belongs to Kim & Jane} then there it was~~~praise God for your family so full of God and His Love; God is really Blessings you Kim: Love & prayer

  25. Marg Reith says:

    Wonderful news!!! Lord give the surgeons amazing skills to be able to help this dear little boy have a life and a future, and bless Jane and Kim for bringing him into their family!! YAY!!!!

  26. Teri Salas says:

    So, so overjoyed at this news! What a blessing he already has been for many people. God is so faithful! I cry tears of pure joy!
    Thank you Jane and Kim for your love and faithfulness to All children! You are wonderful and loved much.
    Teri Salas

  27. Irmgard G.Laufenberg says:

    I am sooooooooooooooo glad, I get to see this very special young boy, I do not have facebook, do not twitter or whatever it is called and I felt left out, but now, I can participate in a better way, thank you so much, thank you for adopting him, thank you for saving his life, thank you, thank you, thank you, in His service Irmgard

  28. Sharon says:

    I have been praying for this young man for a long time and my heart when out to him so long ago. I am glad to see he is finally coming home. What a witness for all of us in our coming home to Jesus and heaven – being healed from all that ails us and getting a “new self”. I will continue to pray for the surgeons and entire ministry team for this young man. Sharon

  29. Ronda True says:

    I am so moved by this news! Praise The Lord for He Alone IS Worthy! Although I am just recently discovered KKC, I have so fallen in love with this family and rejoice with you in this wonderful news!!!

    Praise God!

  30. Desiree Bernstein says:

    Praise the Lord! We are standing united to see God do a creative miracle! Behold how good and how pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity. Nothing is impossible.

  31. God bless you Kim and Jane for taking this beautiful little boy into your home and allowing God to restore him to health! Thank you for sharing your story. My heart has been stolen by Yong Matthew! Love and blessings…

  32. Arnecia Winborn says:

    Rejoicing and thanking GOD for this answer to our prayers for Matt’s amazing journey home to his new family. We will continue to pray and look forward to more wonderful updates.

  33. Brian J Sturgis says:

    Praise God, it’s humbling to see the work God’s called you too. May He continue to bless you and your family with abundance.

  34. Iris Dowers says:

    What a wonderful outcome -it was a privilege to give towards this little boys surgery.Many blessings

  35. Marianne says:

    I am so happy for you, Kim and Jane. What a sweet boy and what wonderful plans God has for him. I can’t wait to see what happens. Love…..

  36. king Mussie says:

    Lord help yong to be well and healthy
    Let him know you intimately.
    Holy Spirit help Yong to be Christ like person in the name of Jesus Christ the son of the Most High God

  37. Kit says:


  38. Jan Bardner says:

    My soul is leaping in dance as David danced. Happy tears on my face.

  39. Don Edwards says:

    Baruch Atah Adonai

  40. Karen says:

    PRAISE GOD for this miracle. I’m so happy that Matt-Yong knows that the Clement family has CHOSEN to adopt him. He is a very special boy. I rejoice with everyone regarding this wonderful news.

  41. Peggie says:

    Praise God!

  42. Cathy King says:

    Read your letter and overcome with emotion, Amazing God!! How He loves his people humbled by the enlarged hearts of the Kim family welcome little Matt-Yong (miracle boy) God is good and the best is yet to come!!! Abundant Blessings to Kim Jane and ALL involved

  43. Glen and Karen Platner says:

    Praise God for his awesome work to bring Matt/Yong home at last! Thank you Lord for Kim and Jane, please continue to bless their family.

  44. Hyacinth says:

    HALLELUJAH. I am bursting with joy for you. HALLELUJAH. This song comes to my mind- When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all He has done for you, My soul cries out Hallelujah, Thank God for saving you. What a God we serve!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. This young man is called – to – a – mission full of circumstances he will heal.
    God had a special mission for him…

    Praise be to God..

  46. Lois & Rick Ernest says:

    My husband and I have been praying for this news ever since we heard about Yong. We are so very grateful to the Clement family for all that they do.
    Praise our God Almighty

  47. Debbie Martin says:

    I’m praying, bless his little heart , he looks so happy & he has a great future ahead. Bless you Jane. Love, Debbie

  48. Patricia Sofia says:

    Matt-Yong will be fully restored thanks to God’s faithfulness. The Lord’s will always prevails. He opened that door and no one or anything will shut it! May your family and every person who comes in contact with Matt-Yong during this crucial time of full restoration for him be blessed with no limitations through this process. This is such pleasing news to hear for your family!

  49. Joe DeLong says:

    July 11, 2013
    This is truly an answer to the Warriors and other Kim Clement Ministry partners. I too have been praying and sending support for little Matt-Yong. So many precious children need loving families. I was adopted as a infant in 1948 by the late Dr. John B. DeLong and Elizabeth I. DeLong of [then] Burlington, VT. Dad was a WWII Navy Medical Doctor who was at Normandy and practiced medicine in both Rome/Utica and Glens Falls, New York cities. I never sought my biological parents. But as David wrote in Psalm 27:10 “When my father and my mother forsake me, Then the LORD will take care of me.” That is a true statement.
    Blessing to you Kim, Jane and family. Love in Jesus,

  50. Cindy Schopmeyer says:

    My heart leaped for joy at the news. Thank you Lord for answered prayer. Bless Kim as he goes to get Matt-Yong and bless every step of the journey. Lord, make the path straight and smooth out of China for Matt-Yong. Bless Kim and Jane as they go on this difficult journey of healing with Matt-Yong and their other children as well. Keep them strong. Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Jean says:

    Shalom2all~ Glory Hallelujah! Ty JESUS awesome r U Lord, wonderful Healer
    Blessings always b upon you’ll “)) “JOY” ♥ “GRACE” Amen!

  52. Trish says:

    God bless You All,

    Sometimes things get delayed, so they can have a better outcome….Not in our time, but God’s…..

  53. Jan Burlet........MN says:

    PTL! and bless this family of Kim and Jane as they welcome Matt-Yong into their lives. Praying for his full recovery……tears of joy for this wonderful news.

  54. Margie Laporte says:

    Praise God.

  55. Janet Cross says:

    Hallelujah! All praise, glory, & honor, be to our glorious God & Savior. HE is just awesome! Tears of joy & thansgiving came when I saw this article. I just know GOD has a special purpose for this little boy. Glorify YOURSELF in & through him LORD! Janet

  56. Emiko S. says:

    Praise God for what he has done for this boy!!! I thank God that He uses Kim and Jane to heal so many brokenhearted children… I can hardly wait to hear an update on Yong very soon. God bless you.

  57. lois barrett says:

    Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ !!! I am so happy and blessed to hear this great news, that little Matt/Yong will be coming home soon. I am praying for him and Prophet Kim and Jane and family. I am soooo excited to see what God is going to do next ! I know it will be something wonderful and amazing ! God has worked all these things perfectly and will protect this beautiful family and bless them more than we can imagine. I love you for doing this good work for our precious Lord . Your servant and friend, lois barrett

  58. laurel says:

    Thank you for keeping everybody up to date about Yong. This is great news!!! Yong is coming home!!

  59. Susan Galyean says:

    My heart went out to him the first time I saw his picture. I am so glad we have such
    a good God who works such amazing miracles. Be blessed little one. :)

  60. Cindy says:

    Yes, truly a great blessing indeed. Our God is able. I do believe Matt-Yong has a wonderful future with the Clement Clan!! May the Lord continue to expand the tent pegs and anointing.
    Your humble little Warrior. NC

  61. Nanci Upton says:

    Praise God! Hallelujah! Glory be to God…My heart rejoicing, not only is he going to be healed, but what a blessing and a testimony of what God can do. Praise you Jesus…

  62. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WHEN YOU PUT YOUR TRUST IN GOD——We are so over-joyed. Our ministry with others here in S. C. have been praying that he would come to America’s and be healed by the method that GOD has prescribed…WE ARE THANKFUL the OUR GOD REIGNS and JESUS IS LORD OVERALL!!

  63. Deanna Ross says:

    I did give financially towards Yong’s situation and encouraged others to give as well. I am so excited to hear that he is being adopted by Kim and Jane and that he is going to have surgery here in the U.S. I will continue to pray for his complete healing and for the surgeons who will be attending him!

  64. Kim T. McGladdery & Roberto Jonam Israel T. Sierra says:

    We have given to your ministry but very little amount as we are at this time in the process of “restoration” and we pray God will provide us soon with blessings so we can be a blessing to you Kim and Jane Clement. With your mission for Israel, helping children in need in Israel and China as well as your ministry here in the United States, we know people of God will have great desire to come in and share the joy of giving to your mission, as much as we desire so much to help. God bless you all and us all.

  65. Tears of joy and happiness that God has worked for good for Yong. Blessings
    can only continue since this chain has started.

  66. Jeanette says:

    Wonderful news, God’s timing is always so perfect.

  67. Mark says:

    The glory of the Lord fills the Earth, and when we see Him answering the innumberable prayers that He alone can answer, but most often THROUGH His saints, it really blesses the heart/soul and gives us great cause to rejoice once again!!!

    Praise the Lord and thank you Kim, Jane and KCC Team/Warriors including you, Amy, for the steadfast, immovable faith and determination to see this handsome young man receive the care/attention/surgery he so desperately needs, at the hands of the capable LA Children’s Hospital doctor(s), and grow up in his rightful place in the Kingdom of our Lord, being established here on Earth as in Heaven in this day of the Lord! There will be many more to come, as we see the Lord this nation and other other nations in His Love, mercy and grace to fulfill His purposes!!! In Christ,

  68. Joanne tan says:

    So thankful for all of you guys who never gave up. Thanks Kim and Jane. Xxx

  69. Laney Newhouse says:

    I think of Jesus’mother Mary, as she waited for the birth and subsequent life lived out, she “hid many things in her heart”. I pray the Lord give you vision and wisdom for raising this GIFT FROM GOD as you too wait for his transport. God bless you both for giving your all to reach Matt-Yong. Love you and will continue to pray as you wait for the “littlest warrior” to come home.

  70. We thank you Lord and praise your Holy Name, for answer prayers and yes, it
    always come at your designated time, this time of restoration. Bless Kim and
    Jane for their love and caring for these most needed children. Martha

  71. Elaine says:

    I have really been concerned for this little boy. He won’t be here soon enough, but then I realize it is in God’s hands. May the surgery go well and restore a beautiful face to this little one. Bless you Kim and Jane for having such a big heart. Looking forward to hearing good reports on Yong .

  72. Donna Asbury says:

    Thank you

  73. Sharon Backues says:

    So very grateful that Yong is coming home. Our God is so wonderful, and blesses so abundantly. Thank you Jane and Kim for opening your hearts to Yong.

  74. Rachelle Lind says:

    Praise God! Kim and Jane, You have started something wonderful in the hearts of God’s people! It is like a wild fire of God’s love. Now others are now stepping forward to adopt children who have no hope unless they are adopted. Good job saying “YES!” to God and leading the way…AGAIN. Our family is also willing to adopt, as you have. We pray for your continued success with Matt-Yong and for God’s multiplied resources for us all so that we can do ALL that He has planned.

  75. Maxine White says:

    Praise God for answered prayer!!! Prayers go with you for a safe and strife free trip to bring Yong home to America.

  76. Renee J Mack says:

    Kim and Jane, what a truly beautiful wonderful blessing for you and your family. The Lord always amazes me in how He works everything out no matter what is happening. Be Blessed and Highly Favored. And enjoy Yong. Your hearts are so beautifully intertwined with the heart of God. I treasure your anointed teachings, Kim. And, Jane, I really enjoy your “Corner”.

  77. Kathy Pearson says:

    Oh how thrilling! I know in my heart that this little guy has a special calling on his life. God has directed the paths of the Clement’s in this critical hour to bring it to pass. Thank you to everyone that has partaken in this miracle! To God all the Glory! Matt Clement will rise up as a prophetic voice to the world in his appointed time. So be it!

  78. Joanne Wallgren says:

    Thank you Jesus! Thank you for your Love which you put in our hearts for this child. We know your hand is on him. Thank you for answering our prayers. May he be strong and healthy and happy and bring glory to Your Name. The miracle of his rescue ,release and reconstruction will reflect You to the world. Thank you Thank you. Thank you for the prophet and his family who are sensitive and obedient to Your will. Bless and multiply them in all Your gifts and grace. Thank you for a new beginning for Matt/Yong.

  79. Susan Mattingly says:

    Praise the Lord. God is so good. Blessings to you and your family.

  80. Patricia Brown says:

    God surely has an awesome plan for Yong, to be raised in the home of a Prophet. I can only imagine how many souls will be won to the Kingdom of God by this
    beautiful Yong. God Bless you Kim and Jane, for your love to Yong and all the other
    children . ” It is written , ” what you have done to the least of these , you have done it
    unto me. ” Blessings to you all.

    • patricia JENNINGS says:


  81. Jess LaBarber says:

    Wonderful News!! Praise God the Father!! Soooo good to praise God for his faithfulness in this situation!! What an awesome team we have!!

  82. Victoria Biggie says:

    I am so blessed by the life of this precious little boy. I just want to see him able to live a normal life. He deserves all that is in store for him and I am grateful for the opportunity to sow towards his deliverance. It is the least we could do. Thanks to Kim’s ministry for making all of us aware of the major needs of these helpless children. I am inspired to adopt if God permits one day. Nothing is impossible.

  83. Ephraim says:

    God bless Jane and Kim.

    I do think that Jane is the present day Mother Teresa.

    God bless all the Kim’s family and praise worship staff.

  84. Emarie says:

    Our God is sooooooooooo good. Praise His Holy Name. When the people pray…Heaven
    responds. Come on home Yong where you belong.

  85. Carolyn says:

    Please give Yong a hug for me–he has been in my prayers and I will continue to pray for him and his upcoming operation. PRAISE THE LORD FOR BREAKTHROUGHS FOR YONG AND HIS WONDERFUL NEW PARENTS!

  86. Suzan says:

    Praise God ~ he hears our prayers! And the plans for this little boy is going to change the world..

  87. Anniki Vermeer says:

    How lovely are the feet of those who brings Good News!! And you are such people – may you be tremendously blessed by taking this child in to raise for Christ. I am so excited to see how God is going to restore him and use him for Greater things. You are the perfect family for him to be in and to experience God!! blessings and we keep you in our prayers!!

  88. Karen Ellis says:

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

  89. Pastor Ginny says:

    This is truly an answer to prayer from our Lord. I personally am so touched by this young life and petitioned God along with you and all the Densters and Warriors for the door to open for Mat. Now I just thank him and praise him…words are not enough!

  90. Jennifer Teske says:

    A friend of mine sent me a link to this site. Matt Yong-Clement is such a precious little boy. Am so thankful that he’ll be in the U.S. soon, and will be able to have the surgery/care that he needs. I experienced several emotions while reading and watching the videos on this site. This is what the Body of Christ is supposed to do. This is who we are. This is who Jesus is! Thank You, Lord, for Your provision in this situation. For protection over Matt, as he travels to the U.S., and has his surgery. Thank You, that Your hand is on his life, and that You have awesome things instore for him. That he’ll know and feel Your love, and grow in the knowledge of You. I pray a Blessing over Matt, Kim and Jane, and the rest of their family. Thank You, Lord, for the Clement family. They are truly a blessing! In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

  91. cindy ripley says:

    Jane and Kim, I am so happy about the outcome for this special little boy! What a journey this has been. From the beginning I wanted to adopt him myself. I am so thankful he will be your new son, and I know this will be a blessing to you all that you cannot even imagine at this time.
    Wanted to let you know what his names mean:
    Yong-brave, courageous, soldier
    Bryant-virtue and honor…strong in the Lord
    Matthew-one honoring God, gift of Jehovah
    I believe he has a hugh future….blessings on you all…favor and protection!

  92. SARA MUNSELL says:

    Kim, Jane and most of all Bryant,

    Am celebrating with you

  93. Jackie says:

    God is so Awesome!!!!

    Kim and Jane, I thank God for you, you definitely have the heart of God. Give Yong a big hug. God has already worked it out. I touch and agree with all that Yong is healed…….

    God Bless!

  94. Kathy Witaschek says:

    What a good report I gave to this and it truly blessed me to see this truly a miracle in the making. Keep you in my prayers and for the person who does the surgery gods hand would be on his and for him to have wisdom and it be a true success and god would get all the glory thank u for his news today Kim and Jane love what your ministry

  95. Dale says:

    God is good, he is good all the time. All was done in his perfect way and time. Amen

  96. anynomous says:

    Congratulations that you are soon going to adopt Matt Yong! It is so exciting and I am happy for you all. Thank you for all you do for all the children of the world and for everyone. God Bless you all! We can’t wait to see Matt on the Den/Matrix and to hear more about him. He is a sweet boy. When you get him, please kiss and give him a hug for us all.

  97. TERRE And JIM says:

    Thank you ! :) Yours and Kim’s obedience will be rewarded ! I believe G-d Picked the best parents for him at last ! For your home is full of music and Love and PI ! Matt is all boy I see him having love for tennis ! Tell Kim don’t worry he been fine father !

  98. Charlotte Nickel says:

    Jane and Kim, the pictures of you and Matt are just so sweeeet and I can just feel the love already so abundantly present between you!! Thank YOU both for doing this, for adopting Matt-Yong, oh, Halleluia, what a joy to the angels and to Jesus!!

  99. We were wondering if you have an update on Yong. Our kids and group of China families raised money for him at our Chinese New Year celebration and have been anxious for word. Would love to hear something.
    God bless you all.

  100. Sharon Backues says:

    Thank you for the update. I too have been waiting with much anticipation to hear more on your adoption of Yong. Yong and the rest of your family have been in my prayers daily. God has laid this on my heart and I find myself lifting you all up to God almost every time I talk to Him. I don’t know why God has laid Yong on my heart so, but there is definitely a battle here. Love to you all. Thank you for being so obedient to God’s call and so generous with your time and resources. I know from experience how blessed it is to give your heart to children with special needs. I also pray for your health, strength, wisdom and faith because the evil one hates what you are doing. So even as you bring Yong home I will continue to pray for you and all that you love.

  101. Louise Tingman says:

    Dear Jane & Kim,
    Prayers go before you as you bring Matthew home :)
    Much Aloha,

  102. Ellen Mooring says:

    I too have had Matt on my heart and been in prayer. I love that little boy. Please tell us, Jane, when he goes to the hospital and everything about it. I want that little angel to have a wonderful life. Bless him. And bless you and Kim for making him your own.

  103. Sherry Ifft says:

    I am so excited to see the videos of Matt with his new family. So many people in China and in many churches have been praying for him for at least a year now. Thank you so very much for adopting him. Please let know when he will bed dedicated so I can try to be there. Also please keep us updated on the surgery so we can also get the word out for people to pray.

  104. Sharon Backues says:

    I love the video of Matt Yong playing the drums!! Praying daily for all of you.

  105. What a sweet-sweet looking little boy. I love you Matt Yong!!!

  106. Candy says:

    I would love to know how Bryant is doing. I have been following his story for a very long time. We adopted our daughter from China is 2007 from Huainan, Anhui.

  107. yolanda ann desheles says:

    I would like an update on Matt Jong Clement. <3 praying and hoping the tumor be gone, in Jesus name…Today is 12/15/2013.
    thank you kindly. Love in Jesus Christ !

  108. Lee Franklin says:

    Please keep us posted on surgery for Matt Yong. We are praying for a miraculously successful outcome – Thanks be to God!!!

  109. Ellen Mooring says:

    Bless our little Matt, Lord. May your angels be around him all his life and may your fear be in him which will keep him in peace and joy and purity. And may he one day be clothed in white along with all other overcomes. Amen.

  110. Hola amigo, a mi me gustaría que me dijeras en qué lugar puedo suscribirme para tu blog, me gusta mucho. saludos

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