Acid Alkaline Imbalance

Have you ever wondered if many of the diseases raging through our society have a common cause? Many doctors, herbalists and nutritionists believe that the explanation may come down to these simple words: pH Imbalance.

Over acidity, which can become a dangerous condition that weakens all body systems, is very common today. It gives rise to an internal environment conducive to disease, as opposed to a pH balanced environment which allows normal body function necessary for the body to resist disease. A healthy body maintains adequate alkaline reserves to meet emergency demands. When excess acids must be neutralized our alkaline reserves are depleted leaving the body in a weakened condition. A pH balanced diet, according to many experts, is a vital key to health maintenance.

Test Your Body’s Acidity or Alkalinity with pH Strips: Available in any drug store.

It is recommended that you test your pH levels to determine if your body’s pH needs immediate attention. By using pH test strips, you can determine your pH factor quickly and easily in the privacy of your own home. If your urinary pH fluctuates between 6.0 to 6.5 in the morning and between 6.5 and 7.0 in the evening, your body is functioning within a healthy range. If your saliva stays between 6.5 and 7.5 all day, your body is functioning within a healthy range. The best time to test your pH is about one hour before a meal and two hours after a meal. Test your pH two days a week.

Most people who suffer from unbalanced pH are acidic. This condition forces the body to borrow minerals—including calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium—from vital organs and bones to buffer (neutralize) the acid and safely remove it from the body. Because of this strain, the body can suffer severe and prolonged damage due to high acidity—a condition that may go undetected for years.

Mild acidosis can cause such problems as:

  • Cardiovascular damage, including the constriction of blood vessels and the reduction of oxygen.
  • Weight gain, obesity and diabetes.
  • Bladder and kidney conditions, including kidney stones.
  • Immune deficiency.
  • Acceleration of free radical damage, possibly contributing to cancerous mutations.
  • Hormone concerns.
  • Premature aging.
  • Osteoporosis; weak, brittle bones, hip fractures and bone spurs.
  • Joint pain, aching muscles and lactic acid buildup.
  • Low energy and chronic fatigue.
  • Slow digestion and elimination.
  • Yeast/fungal overgrowth.

Urine pH

Urine testing may indicate how well your body is excreting acids and assimilating minerals, especially calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. These minerals function as “buffers.” Buffers are substances that help maintain and balance the body against the introduction of too much acidity or too much alkalinity. Even with the proper amounts of buffers, acid or alkaline levels can become extreme. When the body ingests or produces too many of these acids or alkalis, it must excrete the excess. The urine is the perfect way for the body to remove any excess acids or alkaline substances that cannot be buffered. If the average urine pH is below 6.5 the body’s buffering system is overwhelmed, a state of “autotoxication” exists, and attention should be given to lowering acid levels.

Saliva pH

The results of saliva testing may indicate the activity of digestive enzymes in the body. These enzymes are primarily manufactured by the stomach, liver and pancreas. While the saliva also utilizes buffers just like the urine, it relies on this process to a much lesser degree. If the saliva pH is too low (below 6.5), the body may be producing too many acids or may be overwhelmed by acids because it has lost the ability to adequately remove them through the urine. If the saliva pH is too high (over 6.8), the body may suffer greatly, e.g. excess gas, constipation and production of yeast, mold and fungus. Some people will have acidic pH readings from both urine and saliva—this is referred to as “double acid.”

Restoring pH Balance in the Body

Your body is able to assimilate minerals and nutrients properly only when its pH is balanced. It is therefore possible for you to be taking healthy nutrients and yet be unable to absorb or use them. If you are not getting the results you expected from your nutritional or herbal program, look for an acid alkaline imbalance. Even the right herbal program may not work if your body’s pH is out of balance.

How to Control the Body’s PH Levels Through Diet:

The best way to support a healthy acidic-alkaline balance within the body is to consume diet that is composed of 50% to 80% alkaline foods. For proper nutrition, it is still necessary to consume some acidic foods. These foods should just be limited to less than half of one’s diet.

Therefore, one’s diet should consist mostly of alkaline foods, including:

● Dried fruit, such as raisins, apricots, dates and bananas
● Potatoes
● Salad greens, including lettuce, spinach, and both red and green cabbage
● Leafy, green vegetables
● Assorted vegetables, like beets, peppers, garlic, squash, zucchini, and cucumber
● Natural fats, like nuts and black olives
● Certain grains, like buckwheat and corn
● Dairy products, including fresh butter, unpasteurized milk, soft cheeses, and whey protein
● Herbal teas and fresh vegetable juices

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  1. Catherine Jones says:

    Dearest Jane, I am so glad to find this blog as my passion is to see others walking on full strength health. I am gonna read your blog often.
    I am a personal coach of fitness. I would love to know if you are gonna do any seminar? or what about if you come to the club where I work and give a workshop to my clients?
    I work at Equinox Pasadena as a Tier 3 master trainer.
    Please let me know if if aligns with you, xo!

    • Tamara Sterling says:


      You’re a Thesaurus of knowledge and valuable life saving truths! These things are all so “hidden” to us who are ignorant. I can just imagine, for myself, lacking research “time”, I would think I could just drink more apple cider vinegar and milk and that would do the trick. All of the above helps “awaken” us to the Life giving “tree” of a woman that you have become. THANKS SO MUCH FOR keeping us informed to the truth and practical ways by which we might learn and apply. When we come out of our ignorance, we can be healed completely!!!!!!! Blessings from my TRIBE of JUDAH to YOURS!!

  2. Dear Jane, Greetings to you, Prophet Kim and family. I am always thrilled to read your wonderful blog. They are very informative and exciting. I still have to try the recipes. Yes, more than ever we all need to do what ever we can to maintain our health. Eating all the right foods are great and most of us do that, on the other hand, most of us consume the wrong water/beverages. Jane, I am not sure whether you are aware of alkaline water, if you are not then please check the website I list above. You can have this lifesaving alkaline water from your kitchen tap at a fraction of the cost of what you may pay for bottle water and other beverages. Looking forward hearing from you. Tell Prophet Kim ‘THE LION OF JUDAH WILL ROAR ONCE HE SETS HIS FEET ON ISRAEL SOIL…” Love you all with the Love of Christ. Blessings of Open Heaven and HIS Richest Anointing.
    Kim’s Warrior.

  3. Sohadra J. Lee (Cindy Lee) says:

    Hi Jane, Just realize I did not include the web site for the water.
    Thanks Cindy

  4. Brenda A.Bradley says:

    Yes I agree processed food is really bad for you. And glad I’m on the right track drinking the alkaline water! Been drinking it now for about 3 months. Has such a smooth taste. Been off of white sugar and soda since about 2003. Thanks Jane for this much needed info. And your little is beautiful!!!

  5. L & A Staylon says:

    Jane -I know you are an animal lover and mommy to them as well as your human children-speaking on health , I would like to ask if you would take a moment to pray for our dog Candace-she has been diagnosed with cancer yesterday–we are reminding the LORD that the bread of healing belongs to HIS children and that the crumbs from this bread can go to the little dogs under our table–we have been married for 27 yrs and our animals are our only children-In Genesis 9-the LORD spoke to Noah–12 And God said: “This is the sign of the covenant which I make between Me and you, and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations: 13 I set My rainbow in the cloud….—so we know GOD makes covenants with our animals too-and keeps HIS promises–thank you for praying for her-GOD bless

  6. L & A Staylon says:

    HIV_AIDS cured-another of Kim Clements prophecies come to passhttp://www.thebody.com/content/art53624.html?ap=825

  7. Barbara says:

    Also Braggs apple cider vinegar is great for this!

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