Dear Friends,

It is my great privilege to introduce to you, my wife, Jane.

There are countless words I could use to describe this incredible human being, but the word I chose to best describe her is transparent. From the day I met her she exhibited truth and constancy, and I knew this would be a great compliment in companionship. God knew that my nature would require a kind of balanced view of reality due to my excessive reliance upon spontaneous improvisations. Jane’s perception of life has remained refreshing, and the greatest attribute in her character is her remarkable ability to harness an imploding situation with a balanced and controlled view. I am constantly dealing with people who lean on me to offer prophetic insight or revelation regarding their lives, families, industry or ministry, and it can take hours for me to find an answer for them, if any. Aside from the fact that prophetic ministry can stir many calm waters and aggravate people. It requires spontaneity. For instance, I may be at home enjoying a day off when I could receive a call for counsel, and this will take time away from my family, but Jane will immediately adapt to the situation and step up to the plate. Talking about plates, she is a marvelous cook and thanks to her mother, Gloria, she has acquired many culinary skills. She was taught that a way to man’s heart is through his stomach, and even though she never grabbed my heart with that specific skill, she has certainly acquired it, which could be the reason for our longevity as a married couple.

Jane is not ailed with verbosity, and chooses her words carefully. She would rather be silent than use words that could wound a soul. She is able to use words with sugar instead of poison, and at times it takes her words to subdue an enemy. Jane is amiable and makes people feel at home, andbecause her own home is filled with laughter, she is able to fill other homes with it. She carries a certain charm, which often takes the difficulty out of conversation and puts people at ease.

Her love for animals has definitely turned our home into a small zoo, but this has just made our family larger. She is a wonderful mother to our five children. In the early stages of our life, we traveled constantly, all over the world. Many times we would travel for weeks on end and this required special talents. Jane would make a home on the road, for our children and myself, in very difficult circumstances. For the first fifteen years, as we were conducting our missions, we could not afford hotels, so we stayed in people’s homes or cheap motels. Jane would barely complain and always considered her children before herself. The sacrifices that few know of have formed a woman of substance and someone you can all be proud of. It is said that beauty without virtue is a flower without perfume. Fortunately she possesses the perfume of virtue that makes her beautiful inside and out.

From the day that we met, Jane promptly informed me that I was never to ask her to speak or appear publicly because she had a fear of public appearances. I honored this request and kept her out of the public eye for that reason, but I knew that one day she would overcome this fear and appear at the right time.

This is the right time and I am proud to present to you, my wife and my best friend, Jane. I have asked Jane to contribute each month to our newsletter to keep you, our cherished partners and friends, informed and involved in the happenings in our lives. Jane is very excited to be sharing personal memories and stories from our journey together along with some of her homemaking secrets like recipes, gardening advice, and much more! I know you’ll enjoy “Jane’s Corner” as an addition to our monthly newsletter, as we both join together now to bring you something special and from our hearts each month.



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  1. helen says:

    Hi jane, we are in the process of adopting a child in Scotland. We lost a baby 6years ago, i was 8 weeks pregnant.god has provided my husband Roddy with a better paying job,so that helps.I wish to be the main adopter, so i need a year off work, however i am in a temporary contract, and need that to turn permanent, or even get a temporary contract for a year.This is to enable us to afford becoming adoptive parents, as i would get adoption leave.Looking for another job, but not many around, would appreciate your prayers.keep us informed regarding adopting your wee one.godbless helen and roddy barclay.xx

  2. Linda McQueen says:

    I am so blessed by both of you, Jane and Kim. I am so thrilled to hear about your precious daughter. God bless you and thankyou for being a great blessing to me and my family for many years!!

  3. Terry Perry says:

    Jane, It is so nice to know that you have been such a blessing and source of support for Kim over the years that God has had the two of you serving Him. The letter about you by Kim is so beautiful and the love he has for you comes through. May God broaden your boundaries to make room for all those that He can love through you.
    A prophet’s wife is a very difficult place of ministry. God designed you for this big responsibility and your family is so blessed to have you. Keep on keeping on, for God has only great things ahead for those who are a conduit of His LOVE. Yours in Christ,
    Terry Perry . Ps I, also am a woman. formal name Theresa

  4. Diane says:

    Hi Jane. My story is on the other side of the coin from yours. My beautiful and precious 17 year old daughter is pregnant. She has spent much time thinking and praying and believes her baby is meant for a family who cannot physically have children. I am amazed at her strength and resolve in her decision. I am so proud of her that she did not even contemplate abortion and she and the baby’s father have made a very difficult decision to give their baby for adoption. It has been a difficult process for me to know I am losing my first grandchild but if God has truly created this little one as a gift for another family then he/she has grandparents waiting to hold him or her. She is 8 months pregnant and we are beginning the search for this child’s God-given parents. I would appreciate your and Kim and the teams prayers as this is one of the most difficult things I never thought I or she would have to do or face. We need direction and there isn’t much time. Can you recommend any agencies? We live in Florida. Thank you so much!

  5. Tamara Sterling says:

    How could one not become smitten with that face my lady!

  6. Sandra says:

    I had heard Kim on the Den about the words the girls were saying, and a good friend I have asked her son who she had adopted last year from China and he told her what the words meant. By yah yah means go see grandpaw, Meow Meow means cat, maw maw is momma, ba ba means paw paw or grandpaw. Unless it is bah bah tensed in frustration means poo poo. I hope it helps. And I love the song Prophet Kim made up for Mia.

  7. Sharon Backues says:

    Thank you for posting ‘LiAnne and Mia.’ It is a joy to see how well they are doing.

  8. RON & FAY DURNIN says:


  9. Diana says:

    Hello Jane!!!
    I love to hear you tell about your life and seeing you on the Den is so nice! You are a beautiful woman of God! I am so happy to see your children that you and Kim have now chosen to raise as your own! Wow, what wonderful parents you are and will be! Your whole family is beautiful. Keep coming on the Den. It helps me and others. I love you and Jesus is Lord!

  10. Diana says:

    I love animals too, we have a hamster, and my only son is grown!

  11. Diana says:


  12. Elaine Smit says:

    Dear Jane,
    What a wonderful wife Kim has in you! The sacrifices you made for His work is outstanding. I am so proud of you that you have your own ‘corner’ and where people can get to know you and your sweet spirit. I pray that He will use it in a mighty way.

  13. Virginia Ellen Cutlip says:

    I have been so blessed with You and Kims ministry ! so touched with your ministry with the children ! My heart goes out to all the precious children with such needs ! Little boy with the tumor is in my prayers and thoughts ever since I seen him …Just praying and trusting for all needs to be met and to see this great miracle God is doing ! Gods blessings upon you as you travel and his protection over you and a special gift of Gods great love over you! Love and prayers!

  14. Rebecca Hamilton says:

    Jane, you are a precious person!!! My husband and I are partners with you and Kim. Oh how I love your ministry!!!! I am so happy to be a partner!!! I love to hear you talk and you have such a lovely way about you!!! I know GOD is using you in a mighty big way!!! You and Kim just go together without a doubt!!! So cute together and a blessing every time I see you!!! Stay strong and press on!!!! Much love to you both as you serve our LORD in a mighty big way!!!! Praying for you always!!!! I want so much to come to the den someday and meet you both in person!!! What a JOY that would be!!! I feel like y’all are family!!!! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH ALWAYS!!! Rebecca

  15. Chrei Harrison says:

    Jane, How are your Finches ? The ones you hand raised? Chrei

  16. Cathy Anderson says:


  17. Michele santaMaria says:

    Dear Jane,
    Hello. I was reading your update on Matt’s condition. You had mentioned that the doctors needed to find out the cause of his condition, so that it would not recur. I could not help but think about Norvel Hayes daughter, Zona. Norvel Hayes said that when she was a teenager she had 21 or so awful skin lesions, so he took her to the doctor at John Hopkins to have them removed. after they were removed, they returned and then there were over 42 boils. So, Dr. Hayes prayed. He had a visitation from The Lord, who took him to the throne room. The Lord said to him “why do you put up with those thing!” Then He told Norvel to curse them at the root so they would not return, since he had the authority as head of his home. Norvel Hayes obeyed. One day, Zona woke up to skin as clean as a baby’s skin, since the Lord Jesus healed her!
    Suffice to say, I realize that you probably know this. I am agreeing with you, for Matt’s tumor to be cursed at the root and never return in Jesus’ Name once the doctors remove it.

  18. cynthia carroll says:

    Hello Jane and Kim, I watched your programming quiet often and have enjoyed it tremendously. I enjoy hearing Kim praise God through his worship. I have at times had dreams and when I am awake I guess you may call them visions, some of which I don’t understand and some tend to become clearly later on. During prayer I have asked God to show me signs that a resolution to my prayer is coming and sometimes it happens immediately. I have been told by family and friends that I do in fact have a gift but sometimes it does make me wonder. I know I should not be afraid but sometimes I must admit it does scare me a little. what does it all mean? I would welcome some insight from Kim on his thoughts. I have currently been asking for prayer for my daughter but have not had much insight on this subject, not sure why though. God Bless you both for what you continue to do to help others. Prays to you and your family. Cindy.

  19. Karen Good says:

    Hi Jane: I heard about the bad report from today’s broadcast and I wanted to encourage you with Hebrews 11:1: Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. Our God is a miraculous working God and can do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think according to the power that works in us. I want to also wish you a Happy Birthday and may God bring you a beautiful blessing to encourage you and lift you up on this special day. We love you!


  20. Kelly Klosterman says:

    Dear Jane, I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday and may you have many more happy days with your family. God bless you and keep you all. Kelly

  21. Kelly Klosterman says:

    Dear Jane. Wishing you a Happy Birthday. May God keep you and your family with many more happy days. Kelly

  22. Richard Davidson says:

    Happy belated Birthday Jane! May God grant you, Kim, your children and all your loved ones the healing, Unprecedented Favor an desires of His heart, your hearts and all of our hearts as one. May you be encouraged, strengthened and empowered to continue and increase in favor with God and man. Thank you for your inspiration, grace and charm which have delighted me from the Den these past few weeks. It is a great privilege to meet you, Kim and the whole Team. Shalom and Unprecedented Blessings to us all! Rich Davidson.


  24. Lee Franklin says:

    You are such an elegant lady Mrs. Jane. I just happened to find your “corner” today. It is marvelous. By the way, Happy Belated Birthday!!!
    I so enjoy the Den, Code Breakers and Prophet Kim’s Ministry of Music. I am only a recent “Royal Guard” Partner and I thank God for that privilege.
    I certainly believe that your two little girls “WILL LIVE AND NOT DIE….AND DECLARE THE WORKS OF THE LORD”!! Stay strong and be of good courage. Many, many of us are praying for you and your family.

  25. Lee Franklin says:

    P.S. I am also praying for the miracle surgery for Matt Young on April 17th!!
    He is a “miracle in the making” and will have an amazing testimony for the

  26. susan carter says:

    Hello, Jane. I didn’t realize until recently that you and Kim were so big on animal adoption. Well, it has been years in the making, mainly due to lack of funds, but a childrens book I have written is due to be released June 3rd from Tate Publishing. It is the true story of when I adopted our beagle almost 17 years ago. The art work is even better than I imagined it to be! I live in Knoxville, TN and am getting book signings lined up locally with donating some of the proceeds to the local shelters. I expect to receive my shipment of books this week and wanted to know if I could send one to you. Your young children would enjoy it. Please let me know what address to send you the book. Both you and Kim have been a source of strength to my life since I first saw the Den a few years ago. Thank you and God bless!

  27. Deborah says:

    Dear Jane, I just love you and Kim and am so happy how the Lord uses the both of you. I love your accents and look forward to the online services every week. Thank you for allowing the Lord to flow through you and Kim. I will continue to lift you’ll up in Jesus’ Mighty name… : )

  28. Cathy says:

    Would love to see some more posts soon! I know the Lord is giving you victories all the time! Love you!

  29. Tracey Reagan says:

    Hello Jane,
    I speak blessings and honor upon you. You are the very heart of God and your love for His people is so beautiful. I pray for you all constantly and know that my God is getting ready to do some extraordinary signs and wonders through the Clement family. Please greet my Brother Kim with a holy kiss for me and may the Lord continue to strengthen you and your family and those He has strategically placed before you. Continue to stand strong mighty woman of God. I love you all. Your friend and sister in Christ. Tracey

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