Lilu – His Journey

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LiLu Update (July 8th, 2013)

LiLu Update – In Israel With Doobie (May, 2013)

Update on Lilu (Leo)

Posted on May 2, 2013 by jane

Lilu Update after surgery:

Thank you all for your prayers for Lilu – he has made it out of surgery!! This is from the surgeon who operated on him…”Everything went well. He is now in the PICU and if everything goes well he will be extubated in the next few days. He will remain in Israel for the time being as he will need to undergo a second surgery in the near future.”

He still needs ours prayers as it was a complex and risky surgery, but we are so grateful to have received this good report! Visit my blog for a video update from Doobie, who is there with Lilu and gets an update directly from the doctor caring for him. We are so honored to be a part of saving this little angel’s life…and you did it with us!

Lilu after his Cath Procedure:

Lilu has had his cath procedure done. They will be scheduling the surgery date soon. This is very high risk. I need my army of warriors to pray for him. The journey ahead may be tough, but impossible is nothing for God.

Love from China,

Kim and Jane

3 Responses to Lilu – His Journey

  1. Rev Fannie Finney says:

    This so wonderful, I am delighted that this child is doing so well. You, the two of you are to be commended for this noble work, that you are doing for the Lord God. This is the work of the Lord. Blessings!

  2. David Asish says:

    Amazing… God is not yet finished with these little ones

  3. Angela M. Reynolds says:

    This boy gives me so much joy. I loved his energy and good health exhibited by playing the drums and dancing. Perhaps he will become a minister of God and a musician like Sunil, Kim, and the team.

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