There are many reasons why so many people in todays society are sick with cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity just to name a few.  The processed foods that so many of us consume are not good for our health and even though there is so much information about these via the media and other sources, people generally ignore these and often even discount it.  While in Israel I noticed that the food was extremely healthy and during that time I lost several pounds even though I didn’t eat any more than I normally do. Our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit and we are instructed by the Apostle Paul to take care of our bodies. He advises us not to “defile” this temple. We know that Jesus said that what comes out of your mouth defiles you but it is true that our bodies are affected positively or negatively by what goes INTO the mouth. I personally try to cook most meals from scratch avoiding any processed ingredients if at all possible. Kim is extremely disciplined when it comes to what he eats. He does not eat any red meat at all. He only eats fish and vegetables. He has no sugar  or breads either and is very strict about avoiding anything  that contains sugar. He’s always checking the labels and informing me of how much sugar a product contains. It’s very important to eat fresh foods and preferably organic foods. I like shopping at stores that offer healthy organic food. Now I also realize that this is not always affordable and we are not always able to shop at these stores, but you can still find economical ways of shopping for healthier produce. I have warned my children to avoid coke and similar soft drinks as they are detrimental to their health and concentration. I don’t buy these at all. Jakob will sneak a coke every now and then when my back is turned. Elizabeth does not like coke at all and since a young child she has refused to drink anything but water or orange gatorade.

I will be adding pages to this health section of articles and subjects I find interesting. If you have anything to add please feel free to send me the information and I will post it in this section.



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  1. helen says:

    love all this info jane, you will possibly know that pineapple has anti inflammatory properties within it called bromelin, heps calm down inflammed muscles, tendons seemingly. godbless, helen.

  2. Carolyn Gerlitz says:

    This is wonderful information for my health issues–thanks, Jane and may God bless you for all your efforts.

  3. jeannie smalley says:

    Jane would you elaborate a bit on why Kim doesnt eat bread or sugar? Does he eat whole grains or beans? Just interested. I am a diabetic and over weight. Please tell us more about how you cook. and what you cook.

  4. Judy says:

    Hi Jane, I am SO happy to read this info here! I totally agree with what you said about health/nutrition/food from the spiritual standpoint. I also agree that diet is a huge reason why so many people are ill these days.

    I have been eating “paleo/primal” for quite a while (a good site is–he talks on his daily blog about not just food but various other important lifestyle issues). I eliminated all grains and sugar 2.5 years ago and find that I have negative reactions even when I have fruit (because of the high sugar in it, I assume).

    BTW when you had communion yesterday during the broadcast, because I get really sick when I eat grains, and Kim said if we weren’t prepared with bread and wine for communion, to just use something else…I got a handful of sliced almonds and had a sip of my homemade smoothie. It’s our hearts and intent that matter, not the physical substance that we use for communion. I also don’t have any dairy or soy, and like Kim, I read every single label.

    I find that I save label-reading time by just buying nonpackaged foods in their natural state. I am blessed to live in an area where there’s good access to local produce and meats. I do eat some high-quality dark chocolate every day, and it’s a healthy food–antioxidants, etc.

    I’m on a really tight budget, as a lot of people are, but I make healthy eating a major priority. This is because I know that my health is my greatest asset in life, and that only by having good health can I fulfill the purpose for which God placed me on this earth.

    There are many things that we can cut out of our budget in order to have the money to buy organic, nonprocessed, nonGMO, whole foods–cable TV, non-necessities, etc. etc.

    I’m a professional writer and editor and have written a lot of material re: health, and I would love to contribute some ideas/writings to your blog. So please feel free to contact me. I really think we need to get the word out about healthy nutrition and lifestyles (not just food but also exercise/movement, attitude/thoughts, sleep/rest, water/hydration, detoxification, etc.).

    I have learned, after spending countless hours over the past several years doing my own research, that so much of what we have been taught by the conventional/mainstream health world is actually total opposite to the truth. For example, the food pyramid is a recipe for illness and misery. Some good sites for learning the truth are and (they both have free email newsletters that come out several times per week).

    As Kim said, we will be seeing cures for all sorts of diseases, and I think these cures will come at least partly through improved diets and lifestyles. The GAPS diet is one that parents are using to healing autism and other diseases. In so many ways, we have gone against God’s natural laws in the way we treat our bodies and health. And that has been a path to illness. If we would follow the way our Creator made/designed things, we would be a lot more healthy.

    I am hearing almost daily about all sorts of miracle cures/healings, including for serious diseases like cancer–Gerson therapy, other dietary interventions, etc. I am convinced that the info on cures for all illnesses is out there. And we find most or all of these cures in nature–in what God made. Isn’t that cool, that what He made, not what man made (such as synthetic things) is what heals us. What a loving God, to have made exactly what we need to be healthy and thriving during our time here on this planet. I don’t believe that it’s His will for us to be sick and suffering, but rather vibrantly healthy and alive.

    Have you heard of earthing? You can check out the book called Earthing. Makes perfect sense–God designed us to be in direct contact with the earth that he placed us on.

    I also think the massive amounts of chemicals and EMFs to which we are exposed are unnatural to the way God designed us and are contributing to ill health, and more studies are being done about the connection between cell phones and brain tumors, diabetes, etc.

    Have you heard of The Healing Codes and The Healing Code book? These were “discovered” by a Christian, and Jordan Rubin of Garden of Life wrote the foreword to the book–Jordan has some testimonials about how the HC helped him. People have been healed of all types of cancer through the HC.

    Thanks again for the great info!
    P.S. Thanks to you, Kim, your family, and team for such a wonderful ministry. You are my church, I look forward with great anticipation to each online broadcast, and the programs have been a HUGE blessing!! You are such a gifted, talented group. Also looking forward to your trip to Israel!! I feel blessed to be in fellowship with such a wonderful community and am SO thankful that God allowed our paths to cross. Abundant blessings to you and yours.

  5. Pamela says:

    Hi Jane, I wanted to share my testimony regarding my daily diet. Around 2 years ago I started eating fruit, veg, fish, seeds, spices, honey, tea, coconut and oil from the fruit or veg. This was simular to Kim’s fast but I added a couple of extra items and larger portions . Sense then I had lost over 30 pounds and diabetes is gone for good. What I wanted to share with your veiwers who does not like eating fish at all like me, but feel like God is requiring it from them. I tryed talapi because of the price per pound was reasonable and available at my market. I prayed for help to find a way to like fish and to cook it so it would taste like chicken or at least not like fish. I fried it, smoked it, baked it, soaked it in every kind of juice and George Forman grilled it. Finally, one day I left the fish on the George Forman grill just a little to long and it looked burned and was dried out like jerky and that did the trick. My recipe is lawry’s seasoning salt and mediterranean seasoning from Winco bulk section and grill for 10 minutes or so. I look forward to eating fish now, but I wanted to add a warning to those who add oil to their healthy diet like I did. I ended up in the hospital with gull stones from frying the fish and veg to often. I’m grilling and steaming more often and I’m better now. Jane please know that I’m very thankful for the fasting and the sacrifices going on with your family and for bringing people together via internet. Blessings to you

  6. Lynda Kirkness says:

    I looked at your recipes section. I was hoping for healthy recipes –NOT FATTENING recipes -LOL.
    I want to know what special diet Kim is on and is it all the time or just during his fasts.

    Another question now is— what are you feeding your girls? And how are they doing?

  7. Rev. Fannie Finney says:

    Hi !
    Jane, your corner is an interesting one, I loved the article on nutrition. This is so needed,
    because , sad to say, most believers never think of their weight or the need to slim down.
    It is vital to living a long life. I have always tried to eat right and excercise as well. I intend to be here when Jesus comes. This is beautiful, keep it up.

  8. Mary Beltrano says:

    Hi Jane! I am so happy that yes,,, our temples need to be honoured. Nutrition is very important or healing our bodies. Great sites on the computer is the HalleluiaAcre where George Malkamus got healed of a bowel tumor that was cancerous just through nutrition and detoxing your body. Dr. Gerson also was a great physician that said that degenerative disease is caused by lack of nutrition and toxicity in the body.
    The Body of Christ needs to know this information. Our wonderful bodies are made to heal itself!

  9. Deborah says:

    Dear Jane, I will soon post healthy recipes from my collection to this page. I have been eating mostly vegetarian and enjoy my food. I am almost 60 years young and am back walking with my weights, praise God! I purchased a “nutribullet” to make sure I would get all the nutrients from my fresh (organic) foods. I also have a container garden on my porch consisting of: Swiss chard, spinach, little (Caesar) romaine lettuce, roma tomatoes, sweet/hot peppers, cucumbers and mescalin all are organically grown in containers on my porch. I enjoy harvesting my veggies from my porch and eating them “raw” is how I eat them via my nutribullet. I remember to eat something organic and raw with every meal. Well that’s all for now. God continue to bless and keep you; His face shine upon you… : )

  10. Lisa Linde says:

    Hello Jane, I really appreciate what you have to say about eating healthy. It seems that there are a lot of differing experiences out there. One person won’t eat this thing and another won’t eat another. But even though I find it extremely important to eat red meat myself there are definitely some common threads.

    Something that confuses me is when I hear Kim say that he got chicken nuggets for one of the kids when they were in the hospital or how he makes really good fudge. I know that these foods are not a sin and it doesn’t mean that you and your family eat that way every day but then again maybe you do. I don’t know. It would be nice to hear a little bit more on the show about this only because it really does affect your daily life for good or bad.

    Something i would like to share with you is about a Doctor named Joel Wallach. He has done extensive research over the span of his lifetime and teaches that there are 90 essential nutrients that our bodies must consume on a regular basis or we develop diseases. His research even helps prevent birth defects which makes me think about the children in China. He even lived in South Africa for several years. A lot of the special diets that people are following are simply to deal with the diseases they have developed. So i would like to encourage you to look into it. I have been having so many health problems over the last three years and it seemed that every month or two i was spending all my time trying to find another natural cure. Recently I kept telling my husband that i must have some extremely serious illness like maybe i might be dying of something but a friend introduced me to his supplements and they have really been helping me.

    Thank you so much for all you and your family do. It is a blessing to many and also a great example for us to follow. Bless you.

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