Yong Is Coming Home!

Yong is coming home! Click here for the full story

Kim and Jane Meet Yong

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  1. Hi my names Jackie Yafanaro I was born with two life threatening diseases I am 26 years old, when I was born my parents were told id be dead within ten days, but by GODS grace ive lived 26 years and still counting!!! my story is much deeper and longer, but im not going to go in to it all because one it is not why im contacting you, and two, if you, you may have already heard of me, I started a website in 2010 about my life and christian music, and also what its like living with a disability and awhile ago I did a story on emma, Hannah snoots daughter, and on Hannah and also kim and the team have prayed for me a few times, but any ways if you have not heard my story and want to just go to my website http://www.the-book-of-roo.com I was really writing you though, because I love seeing what you, kim and the rest of the team have been doing for people with disabilities, ill be honest I never seen a ministry open their arms up to special needs kids like you guys have, and watching you over the past year or two has been so inspiring to me and id love to interview you on my website??? it can all be done via email thats how I did it with hannah and a few others. I really think it be awesome to feature you on the site along with your ministry for special needs kids, and I would love to share more with you on why it be so great to feature you, so hope to hear back from you, hope you dont mind me leaving this comment I didnt really know who to contact about this and I heard you say the other day that you do see your blogs comments so I thought ok ill just write her here lol. GOD bless thank you for your time. Love Jackie Yafanaro. P.S my email addy is j.yafanaro@sbcglobal.net :)

  2. Fiona says:

    Oh, Yong!! I prayed for this sweet boy after hearing about him through LWB, and only now found this update through the most random route! So happy to find you all here! Many, many blessings to your growing beautiful family!!

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