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Trump, Missing Malaysian jet, and your bank account

Against all the odds, the least likely candidate in presidential history, a political outsider, Donald Trump, has just been inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. This event is not just a headline that is here today, gone tomorrow. This is a moment in history prophesied about by Kim Clement years ago starting in 2007, and many Biblical prophecy scholars believe this moment has been centuries in the making. Regardless of your personal political ideology, we as people of God, who treasure the proceeding word of the Lord, must pay close attention to what has been spoken in advance through prophecy relating to this time and season, for there is GREAT REWARD if you do.

On Codebreakers, discover the prophetic significance of news events that intersected this week between missing Malaysian Jet MH370 and the transition of leadership in America. Two seemingly disconnected events in the natural, but in the supernatural, these two events are signs that point to a bigger picture, God’s extravagant plan for you, your family, America, Israel, and select nations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Scandinavia. God is capturing the attention of the nations and will reveal Himself through His Spirit. AND, He has a plan for your bank account. Yes, a season of wealth is coming upon God’s people. Get ready!

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