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Trump and the media - What's really at stake?

We have entered a time that is important to the advancement of the Kingdom, as evidenced by the multitude of prophecies declared several years ago, connected to the new leader of America, President Trump.

Question: If this is a time which the Spirit distinguished through prophecy years in advance, then why the avalanche of negative headlines, dreary prognosis, crass commentary, and inciteful rhetoric spewing forth continuously from the mass media 24/7? Why the heavy, dark clouded forecast for America? Because we are in a great conflict with spiritual dimensions.

We are in a war and must wage war with the prophecies given to us. On Codebreakers, discover why the enemy is so afraid of what the Spirit wants to do for America, Israel, our families, our finances, and most importantly, the unborn during these next few years, as promised to us through prophecy. Fear not!

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