Build the Future

This is God's house, this is your house,
this is the house of the prophet.

Arise, walk in the land

through its length and its width,
for I give it to you. Genesis 13:17

"I have placed my feet

upon this ground and laid claim to your promise."

Kim Clement Center


"I will build this building to honor you God."

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"Out of dust he made us and out of this earth we will build a building to honor him."

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"I have placed my feet on this holy ground and laid claim to your promise."

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  • Sarah W, Dallas, TX

    "When my husband and I sowed our first seed into Kim's building project, we immediately received an incredible breakthrough in our personal lives. My husband's business had the best month in sales ever."

  • Caryl K

    "I gave an offering of $18.00 with a prayer request to have an encounter with the Lord. Just a few minutes ago, I received a check in the mail for over $2500 that I was not expecting."

  • Ruth and James, Newark, NJ

    "We believe that we are sowing into fertile ground and that we are going to see great things come from God's grace and favor."

Our Progress

Our plan is to break ground in 2014 and begin our journey into the future. Please help us today.

"I believe that every gift sown into this prophetic soil will yield a bountiful harvest, including your current need. The advancement of the Good News and the extension of the Kingdom of God is our foremost mission, and with your gift, we will send His Voice to the hearts of the lonely, the poor, the destitute, royalty, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, the elderly, the young and children alike. I pray for the prophet's reward to be yours today and I stand in agreement with you that God will provide whatever it may be that you need today." Kim Clement